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ATFMMC have joined with Country Life Homes of Nova Scotia Canada to bring you the very best in Traditional Canadian Log Homes. ATFMMC have always balanced modern methods of construction with ecological ethics and once again we have achieved this unique high standard with our Country Life Homes alliance.

Traditional Log Home Packages Our log home packages generally include all the materials necessary to build the weather tight shell of your new log home. Designed with construction ease in mind, building is simplified due to pre-cutting and numbering of key pieces to minimize on-site cutting and avoiding any confusion. They can be installed on any standard foundation that meets your local building codes.

ATFMMC “Country Life” laminated logs are the driest, strongest, and the most stable logs available. Our lamination process virtually eliminates twisting, warping, checking, and most importantly the shrinking and settling that occurs with other log home systems.

Do the logs move once the house is built?
Raw timbers do move quite considerably, but we use a laminated log that prevents any twisting and warping.

I was told that gaps appear between the logs after a while – is this true?
Yes it is true. Our systems have “through-bolts” installed to tension the logs until they have settled permanently and this prevents any “gapping” or uneven movement of the building prior to settling.

Are all your designs standard?
We have standard range of homes that can be adapted to suit your taste or we can manufacture and erect your own bespoke design. We can help you to decide on finish, sizes and room layouts.

What is the largest size you can supply?
Any size you like, there are no limits on house or room sizes.

How are the internal walls finished?
You decide! You can have traditional log walls rounded or flat, plasterboard, cladding or anything else that you specify.

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Do the self-build kits have instructions with them?
Yes, basic instructions are issued with each self-build kit and our engineers are available to assist you throughout the construction process in Europe. We can also arrange for a site engineer to be present when you start.

Do I need insulation for the walls?
No you don’t – the timbers are a natural insulation and a very low carbon emission building material. They are very comfortable in temperatures of -10 deg C in Northern Canada and they also prevent heat entering the interior in hotter climates so they are just as comfortable at 34 deg C in Europe. We do recommend that the internal dividing walls are lined with acoustic insulation.

Are fuel bills lower in Log Homes than traditional buildings?
Yes, definitely you can rely on around a 30% saving on your fuel bills annually.

Will Termites attack log homes?
Wood-boring insects can attack any wood anytime indoors or out. Termites are ground dwelling insects that survive on a cellulosic diet and will eat anything that contains cellulose, including old timber, debris, paper or carpets. If your home is detailed correctly, termites are unlikely to be a problem.

What is your TRIPLE SYSTEM?
All our logs are joined with a unique triple tongue & groove system along with 2 rows of gaskets. The notches and ends are waxed.

I have been told that I don’t need planning permission for a log house – is this true?
No this is not the case. Log homes are classed as permanent dwellings and require exactly the same licences and must comply to.

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