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Timber Frame

Timber Frame is the preferred method of construction worldwide and over 70% of people in the developed world live in timber frame housing. In the USA, Scandinavia and Canada it accounts for 90% of low-rise buildings.

There is a great deal of confusion concerning this modern method of construction and in many instances, Wooden Houses, Log Cabins and Garden Buildings are mistaken for Timber Frame – they are not.

Timber Frame Construction is exactly what it implies; It is the “bones” of a building. Just like the human skeleton, it is extremely strong and supports everything inside it and has an outside skin, usually brick, stone or render. The timber frame is an engineered solution and replaces the almost redundant internal load-bearing block wall.

The short answer is “You don’t”. Timber Frame buildings look exactly like any other except that they have many, many more advantages over old traditional methods of construction. (Benefits are explained later). Timber Frame can be anything from a small home extension to a 7 floor high block of apartments or a school building to a 300-bedroom hotel. In fact ANY building can be constructed using this technology.

No, none of them are, except the Hybrid range, (and we will alter them to suit our client’s needs!) each property is bespoke and designed to the client’s own specifications. On receipt of planning drawings we then undertake engineering calculations, and each individual project is re-designed taking into account many different factors including site location, wind speeds over a long period, snow-loadings, building heights, elevations and geographic information and so forth. Using these complicated formulas we then produce drawings for manufacture and site erecting, which is all part of the service we provide.


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All timber used by our company MUST be of a recognised type and origin. It also must pass certain test rules and treatments:
The only timber used by us is the type classified as Spruce/Pine/Fir. All supplies are from Northern Europe, Russia or Canada and all MUST come from replenishable sources, under a chain of custody suppliers agreement. As subscribers to the system we contribute to growing 252 million m3 of wood SURPLUS to requirements (after harvest) EACH YEAR. This means that we add a forest in Northern Europe the area of Cyprus EVERY YEAR, besides replacing all the harvested timber.

Attack Resistant to:
Ground Termites
Formosan Termites
Carpenter Ants
Woodboring Insects ( Inc. Anobium and Xestobium)

After treatment ALL timbers must be kiln-dried (KDAT) to a maximum moisture content of 19% Timber and 18% Board/Sheet

Benefits of Timber Frames

  • Very fast erecting time, leading to early occupation.
  • Build progress is not weather-dependent and can be installed in 1 day
  • Accepted modern method of construction worldwide.
  • All wood used is from sustainable and renewable sources meaning zero carbon-emission status is achievable.
  • 70% of all low-rise buildings in the developed world are timber-frame constructed.
  • Available as Southern Yellow Pine, Douglas Fir, Hem-Fir, Spruce-Pine-Fir (S-P-F) is mainly our classification in Timber Frames), Standard:

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